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Wood cube

Get your own Cube

The Wooden cube is awesome as an extra decoration to either your office, in your store, in your restaurant or to give as gifts to your customers.

They are easy to integrate with your smartphone, they are a cool small gadget that can educate your customers while waiting, or simply as a beautiful interactive decoration.

How is it working?

Checkout our demonstration of our cube here.

How is it made?

Beastscan’s wooden cubes are a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and local sourcing. Each cube is made from the finest quality wood, responsibly harvested from local Swiss woodworkers’ leftover materials. This approach not only supports local artisans but also promotes sustainable practices by utilizing existing resources.

Precision-cut to accurate dimensions, these cubes are then carefully ground to achieve a smooth, flawless surface that’s pleasant to touch and visually appealing. Following the preparation of the wood, each cube undergoes a personalized engraving process in our workshop. We meticulously engrave all sides of the cube according to your specific design requirements, ensuring a custom product that truly represents your brand.

The final touch to each wooden cube is a protective layer of natural beeswax. This not only enhances the wood’s natural grain and beauty but also ensures durability and a soft, refined finish. Once complete, each cube is rigorously checked for quality before being packaged and shipped to you.

Choose Beastscan’s wooden cubes for a unique and sustainable way to elevate your branding. Crafted with care, these cubes connect your business with the rich woodworking heritage of Switzerland, offering a product that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


The bundle!

The Wood cube can be order just as you want it, get our branded cube or get your own brand on top of the cube.

If you want us to help make everything look nice and professional, read about our extra services below the price table.

Extra services:

Setup fee for business card profile and card design 80 CHF.

If you want to have different designs on your card or profile page it will cost 20 CHF extra per unique design.

Get full advantage with a Beastscan subscription for just 9 CHF/mo.

Different cubes

Check out some earlier orders to get some inspiration of what is possible.

Want something else?

We are working with only the best quality of wood, we are taking care that all our wood is from Switzerland in order to ensure the quality, all of our products are left overs from a bigger process of making furniture, so we know the quality is always perfect.

Should you experience any issues will we make you a new cube free of charge.

We are having many different project for customers:

  • Metal cubes
  • Cone-shaped
  • Flower pots

We love to be creative, so feel free to come with any suggestions, our wooden cubes are a perfect way to leave your mark by your customers to keep you always first in mind.

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