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Get your own Beastcard

Beastcard is the perfect solution when you are tired of running around with a bunch of business cards in your pockets.

You can easy share your contact information with potential customers, just with a fast swipe with your phone, and the contacts are shared.

How is it working?

Check out our video of how the Beastcard is working.

How is it made?

Introducing the Beastcard, Beastscan’s signature wood business card, crafted with precision and care. Each Beastcard is constructed from two pieces of high-quality veneer, encapsulating an NFC chip for seamless information sharing. This design not only ensures durability but also maintains the slim profile of a standard credit card, making it ideal for everyday carry.

At Beastscan, every card is a product of craftsmanship and technological integration. Once assembled, each Beastcard is individually engraved in our workshop, allowing for personalized branding and details. This process highlights the natural beauty and uniqueness of the wood while ensuring your contact information is presented in style.

Before any Beastcard reaches you, it undergoes rigorous manual quality assurance. Our team meticulously inspects each card to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality and functionality. This attention to detail guarantees that every card we deliver performs flawlessly and makes a lasting impression.

Choose Beastscan’s Beastcard for a sophisticated, eco-friendly alternative to traditional business cards. It’s not just a card; it’s a statement of innovation and sustainability, crafted to give you the best quality each time.


The bundles!

Beastcards can be order just as you want it, get our branded card or get your own brand on top of the card.

If you want us to help make everything look nice and professional, read about our extra services below the price table.

Extra services:

Setup fee for business card profile and card design 80 CHF.

If you want to have different designs on your card or profile page it will cost 20 CHF extra per unique design.

Get full advantage with a Beastscan subscription for just 9 CHF/mo.

You can upgrade to a business card in metal instead, that will be additional 30 CHF per card.

Different cards

Check out some earlier orders to get some inspiration of what is possible.

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