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All of our products can be made either with a dynamic or static QR-code.

Business Card

Wood Cubes 10x10cm


Its just a QR-code?

I can make them myself for free… why should i pay for that?

That is most likely the question we get the most, and we are here to answer that question!

Why its different!

It is not so much about the QR-code, its about our technology behind which is making our platform revolutionary!

Your digital business card, summer campaigns, christmas campaigns, customer survey everything in the same QR-code, you can switch the content in the QR-code within minutes from your home.

With our new revolutionary QR code can you change the content of your QR-code even after they have been printed!

Wood business card

Enhance your connectivity with Beastscan’s versatile NFC tags, designed for seamless integration with your daily essentials. These compact, durable tags can be attached to anything from your smartphone to decorative items in your restaurant, offering a modern way to share your contact information effortlessly.

Forget about carrying stacks of business cards; our NFC tags, crafted with an epoxy layer for longevity, make networking a breeze with just a tap or scan. Whether you’re at a business meeting or in a casual setting, your Beastscan NFC tag ensures your details are always accessible — a lasting impression that’s both sustainable and practical.




Wood cube

Discover Beastscan’s eco-friendly wood cubes, crafted from leftover wood sourced from local woodworkers. We engrave each side with your custom branding and finish them with a natural beeswax coating, turning these cubes into versatile marketing tools.

Ideal for decoration or interactive customer engagement, our wood cubes offer a creative and sustainable way to enhance your brand presence. They’re perfect for office spaces, events, and promotional giveaways. Choose Beastscan wood cubes to make a memorable impact and showcase your commitment to sustainability. 


Introducing Beastscan’s innovative NFC tags, the ultimate tool for modern networking. These versatile tags attach to anything, from smartphones to restaurant decorations, allowing you to share your business card with a simple tap. Crafted as high-quality stickers with a robust epoxy layer, they ensure long-lasting performance.

In business, Beastscan NFC tags replace traditional cards, instantly transferring your contact details or website to compatible smartphones. This modern approach eliminates paper cards and leaves a lasting impression.

In restaurants, these tags provide easy access to menus or offers, enhancing customer experience. Durable and eco-friendly, Beastscan NFC tags simplify information sharing and promote sustainability, enhancing your professional presence.





Stickers are a versatile tool for enhancing brand visibility and engaging with customers. At Beastscan, we craft high-quality stickers designed to transform any item into a reflection of your brand’s identity. Whether placed on packaging, office supplies, or given as promotional items, our stickers create meaningful connections and add personality wherever they go.

Imagine your customers’ delight as they unbox a product adorned with a vibrant Beastscan sticker, making their experience memorable and personal. In the office, these stickers can liven up the environment, promoting a positive and connected workplace. Each sticker not only decorates but also acts as a mini billboard for your brand, broadening your reach every time it’s seen in the wild.

Committed to sustainability, our stickers are produced with eco-friendly materials, aligning with our dedication to the environment. Choose Beastscan for stickers that boost your branding while supporting green practices. Let’s make your brand stick in the minds of your audience!


Custom work. Coffee?

Everybody is special! We love to help all of your dreams to come true!

We have experts in the following fields:

  • Custom wood work
  • Custom printing
  • Clouth design and print
  • Laser engraving
  • NFC, RFID and QR technology
  • Web development

We are a great team of creative minds, and we are not afraid of having a talk with you to give you inspiration.

Contact us and book a meeting, we love to inspire people and to be inspirad.

Why choose us?

Beastscan.com is part of Clubmaster GmbH. We have experts in many fields.

When we accept an offer, we are going through fire to make you 100% satisfied. On top of that are working with strong partners, the best in each of their fields.

Don’t just take our words for it! Check out our review at google.

We make technology available – eco.friendly.

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